Rimwall Summit II – March 8, 2008

Mountain height:         2680 m
Elevation gain:            1020 m
Ascent time:                5:00
Descent time:              2:15

Snowshoeing and scrambling with Mark.

The first part of this trip was the polar opposite of last week's thoroughly enjoyable snowshoe up Crowfoot Mountain. Snowshoeing up the lower slopes of Rimwall was excruciatingly slow and strenuous. The snow was deep and powdery with a hard crust on top. Unfortunately, the crust was not thick enough to support our weight and we would sink to our knees on every single step. We continued up the slopes only because we knew there would be relief once we reached the upper slopes – they were almost completely snow-free.

Eventually we did fortuitously stumble onto another set of snowshoe tracks that made travel considerably easier. Once treeline was reached and the snow disappeared, the remainder of the ascent was easy and very enjoyable. The weather didn't cooperate. It was especially disappointing as we arrived at the ridge. The cornice overhanging a 500 m vertical drop down the east face made for some spectacular scenery.

One rockband on the way to the summit gave us a little trouble because it was covered in snow, but other that the final push to the top was easy and scenic. We opted to follow our tracks by, as opposed to using Kane's alternate descent route, for the return trip. A very pleasant, if not effortless day.


Mark negotiates a little snow ledge



On the ridge, with The Windtower and Lougheed Behind



Lots of repetitive photos here that don’t require a caption:



Mark peaks over the edge


 Looking down the 500 m east face


More of the east face



The final few metres to the summit

Mark looks towards the Three Sisters

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