Mount Gladstone October 8, 2005

Mountain height:       2,459 m (8,066 ft)
Elevation gain:          1,000 m 
Ascent time:              ?
Descent time:            ?

Scrambling with Linda, Bob, and Dinah

Im so glad that Linda and I failed our first attempt to make the summit of Mount Gladstone , in less than ideal weather conditions, last November. Had we succeeded, we would have missed out on Gladstone s most outstanding feature: a truly remarkable summit panorama. Recent snow also added tremendously to the fantastic scenery throughout and the company of Bob, Dinah, and Linda, made for a perfect day.   

The first of several crossings of Mill Creek


The gentle ascent slopes of Mount Gladstone (left skyline) 


The ascent ridge follows the left skyline; I went around the right side to look fro an alternate route


Castle Peak


A closer look at the striking mountain


I traversed high on this slope before coming to an impasse; staying low in the gully might have yielded better results


Linda on the ridge, with a fairly steep and exposed section of rock separating us


Looking through the gap at Windsor Peak


Splendid colours en route to the ridge


Splendid icicle scenery 


Looking back to Windsor Peak (left) and Castle Peak (right) 


A little detour over to the northwest side of the ridge


Same as above



Further northwest



Looking towards the summit




Bob and Dinah wait at the summit for Linda and me


Linda stops just before the summit, to survey the magnificent panorama


Bob and Dinah at the summit


Looking down the east ridge of Gladstone


Looking south at Victoria Peak


Dinah and Bob rapidly descend scree slopes; Prairie Bluffs (left), Victoria Peak (right)

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