Heart Mountain V Ė May 5, 2006

Mountain height:      2,135 m (7,003 ft)
Elevation gain:          824 m
Ascent time:             1:45
Descent time:          1:20

Solo scramble.

I was hoping that I could race to the mountains after work, summit Heart Mountain and the extension at GR322538, and then try to continue the trip towards Mary Barclay Mountain. When all was said and done, I had to settle for a 5th visit to Heart Mountainís summit and nothing else. The drive to the mountains took far longer than expected and so I tried to make good time to the summit. I thought I was going at a pretty good pace, but it still took me 1 hour, 45 minutes to make it to Heartís true summit.

At the summit, I was surprised and disappointed to see that much of the route from GR322538 towards Mary Barclay covered in snow. Six days ago, as seen from Mount McGillivray, the route had been bone-dry and although the area received a good dose of snow the following day, I thought that it would have melted by this time. Given that I was only wearing my approach shoes and didnít have crampons, I had to forgo the extension.

I wandered down the ridge to the downclimb, but didnít see the point of continuing. Unfortunately, there also appeared to be a great deal of snow down in Heart Creek and on the loop route, leaving me only one return option Ė the way I came. I had found the other two return routes to be far more interesting and enjoyable. I got some good exercise, but that was about all!                     

The sun over Mount McGillivray


The sun


Unnamed between McGillivray and Lorette (centre) from the summit of Heart


GR322538 from below Heart summit


A closer look at GR322538




Lac des Arcs, with bulky Grotto Mountain above; Ha Ling Peak to the left

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