Lake Warspite and Black Prince Lakes October 11, 2004

Mountain height:       2,587 m (8,484 ft)
Elevation gain:          approx. 1,100 m
Ascent time:             
Descent time:         

Hiking with Mark, Mum, Larry, Uncle Bill, and Auntie Margaret.

If you are heading out to view the beautiful emerald waters of Warpsite Lake at this time of the year……….don’t bother! The Lake(?) had dried up to the point that calling it Warpsite Puddle would have been a stretch. I’ve seen more liquid dripping from the nose of a grade 2 kid at school than what was contained in that lake!

We left Mum, Larry, Uncle Bill, and Auntie Margaret at the lake to continue on to Black Prince Lakes and hopefully, a good view of a future goal, Mount Warspite. Even though Warspite Lake was quite a let-down, Margaret and Bill still enjoyed the trip and found it to be well worth the effort (the English are so easy to please!).

The second half of the trip was very enjoyable and after a fairly steep hike alongside scenic Warspite Cascades, the sight of Mount Warspite, at the end of the hanging valley, did not disappoint in the least. Once we had fully taken in a great view, we continued up the treed slope to right towards the Black Prince Lakes. The Lakes were not much to look at, however, the surrounding panorama was surprisingly pleasant. Of special interest was a steep, but relatively short slope leading to the ridge of Mount Black Prince. It looked to be more than a scramble, but definitely at the lower end of technical climbing and we vowed to return to attempt the ascent when all the snow has cleared.

What started out as a rather disappointing trip turned out to be a very enjoyable and worthwhile one – some beautiful scenery in a beautiful area. We are already looking forward to returning to attempt Mount Warspite and/or Mount Black Prince.  

Warspite Cascades


Our first look at Mount Warspite


Another look at Mount Warspite from the highpoint above Black Prince Lakes 


A close-up of Mount Warspite


Guess what???

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