Morrowmount attempt Ė December 24, 2004

Mountain height:    2,530 m (8,298 ft)  
Elevation gain:        1,221 m (I came up about 75 vertical metres short)  
Roundtrip time:      

Solo scramble.

This may come as a big surprise to allÖÖ.. but I took the wrong route on this trip Ė twice!! Two reasons for this: I neglected to take a route description, but more importantly I didnít mark the summit on my Gemtrek map (which doesnít include Morrowmount). As a result, I didnít make to the summit, however, I did make it close enough to get a good view of the surrounding peaks and the correct ascent route.

An early start and a brisk pace were key to having any chance of completing the 21.5 km trip, on this the 4th shortest day of the year (apparently, going the right way was also key!). Once again, the canyon at the beginning of Jura Creek and the false fault were very enjoyable. Except for a few patches of ice, the canyon was bone-dry and very easy to negotiate. After the false fault, the long and tedious grind up Jura Creek continued.   

For some inexplicable reason, I had the happy idea that the correct route up was going hit me like a bolt of lightning. However, none of the very interesting high points to the east looked familiar (pictures from Bob Spirko's website) and so I kept following the dried-up creek. When I did arrive at a critical junction, I opted to continue up the creek, instead of trending left up an obvious gully (the correct route, I would later learn). This mistake was short-lived and in the end Iím glad I went this way, as the scenery was very satisfying.

Upon realizing my mistake, I returned to the aforementioned junction where, in the spirit of tradition, I chose to go the wrong way again! Here, I should have stayed in the gully or attained the ridge to my left. Instead, I headed for the ridge on my right. At this point, I really didnít care if I made it to the summit, but I did want to get to a highpoint, where I might get a decent view. A slog up a red shale scree slope, followed by another slog up gray limestone scree and I found myself on the summit ridge, in between Morrowmount and the very striking form of Hassel Castle.

The panorama from the ridge was excellent, with great views of the back of Yamnuska, Goat Mountain, Lougheed, The Windtower, and the huge form of Mount Fable, dominating to the west. The summit of Morrowmount looked to be about 30-45 minutes away and most of route seemed to be straightforward. However, there were a couple of sections that might have required significant elevation losses to circumvent and given that I was alone, running out of daylight hours, and getting cold from the significant wind, I decided to call it a day. Though again, quite tedious and, the descent was easy. A good day out and a very worthwhile trip that I will complete very soon.

The canyon at the beginning of the trip


The "critical" junction; here, I should have gone up the ridge at the left; I went right and ended up south of the summit, instead of north


Splendid scenery too far up Jura Creek


Mount Fable


The eye-catching form of Hassel Castle


The summit of Morrowmount


Looking south along the ridge toward Hassel Castle


Same as above

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