Mount Nestor attempt II January 15, 2005

Mountain height:       2,975 m (9,758 ft)
Elevation gain:          1,250 m (we made it about halfway up)
Roundtrip time:         approx.

Scrambling with Mark.

Not much to tell here: the only difference between this trip and last years February attempt via the same route (south ridge – not Kane’s scramble route), was a significant west wind that, along with temperatures in the minus twenties, made the ascent absolutely bone-chilling. We arrived at the steeper section (where we roped-up last year), to find the terrain covered in snow and therefore much more challenging to ascend. In the frigid temperatures, putting on crampons and then climbing on fairly exposed terrain wearing thick mitts did not appeal to us in the least. Even if we had been able to get past the steep section, the severe wind-chill would have repelled us soon after. Nevertheless, the terrific scenery and clear sky made the excursion worthwhile anyway.  

Watching the Rams get demolished by the Atlanta Falcons, later that evening, was not the fitting end to the day, I would have liked!

Gaining the south ridge; the Kane scramble route ascends the gully at the far left


The view of Spray Lake and mountains to the south is spectacular throughout


Beautiful sky and snow along the way


Approaching the steeper section of the ridge


On the ridge, with Mount Buller behind


Another look to the south


Near the bottom again, showing the Kane route up the gully in the centre


Crossing Spray Lake, with Nestor behind

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