Barrier Lake Lookout – April 14, 2006

Mountain height:       2,017 m (6,616 feet)
Elevation gain:           620 m
Roundtrip time:

Hiking with Mark and Kerri.

My first trip to the Barrier Lake Lookout was almost four years ago to the day. With an “iffy” weather forecast and potentially strong Chinook winds, a return to the lookout seemed like a good idea and it was. Although the first four (out of five) kilometers were fairly mundane, the last stretch to the ridge and the view from the lookout made the trip more than worthwhile. Even more interesting was the exploration of a couple of very deep fissures on McConnell ridge and Mark doing some cool slab climbing, as his wife watched in horror.

Though my previous experience doing the loop route via Jewel Pass was not entirely a positive one (post-holing in knee-deep snow throughout), we choose to try it again, as there was less snow than on my trip, four years ago. Another good decision – the pleasant scenery was a fitting end to an easy and enjoyable day out.    

Mount Baldy and Barrier Lake from near McConnell Ridge


Approaching the ridge


The vertical cliffbands of McConnell Ridge


Exploring interesting terrain to gain the ridge


Peeking over the top of a rock pinnacle


Keri and I atop the pinnacle


Peering down a deep fissure on the ridge


On the ridge, with Mount Baldy and Barrier Lake behind 


Unnamed south of Mount Gillivray


Mark shows off his slab climbing prowess on vertical rock


Mark demonstrates amazing finger strength, as he supports his entire body weight with a couple of fingers 


A slightly more realistic view of the angle of the rock!


The first fissure


Looking down into the fissure

Mark in the fissure


At the end of the fissure looking out to the cliffbands


Looking up from inside the fissure; a great place to practice stemming (unless that chockstone on the right fell on your head!) 


Coming up out of the fissure


Exploring the second fissure


More interesting cliffband scenery


Mount Baldy and Barrier Lake