Bellevue Hill – July 14, 2006

Mountain height:  2112 m
Elevation gain:     750 m
Ascent time:        2:45
Descent time:      1:05

Solo scramble.

Just because it only earns the title of “Hill”, doesn’t mean it’s not worth ascending. This is certainly the case with diminutive Bellevue Hill, on the edge on Waterton National Park. The Hill’s strikingly layered east face has always been a source of fascination for me and so I set off to see if I could find a route up. Starting at the southern base of the face, I was able to zig-zag my way up and to the north, almost reaching the major gully that splits the wall. Throughout the rock scenery was fantastic – a geologist’s dream, I’m sure!

Once on the ridge, the plod to the summit was a little anti-climatic, but the summit view – an interesting combination of grassy, rolling hills and small lakes to the east and beautiful mountains to the south and west – was quite pleasant. For descent, I went directly down the south ridge to the road and then back to my car – a quick and easy escape.

Bellevue Hill, as seen from Red Rock Canyon Parkway


The east face; the route zig-zags towards the major gully on the far right


The following photos are rock scenery of the east face:











On the ridge, with the remainder of the ridgewalk to the summit (not visible); Mount Galwey at far left


Looking south to Waterton Lake


A closer look; Mount Cleveland dominates


Approaching the summit; Mount Blakiston (left) and Galwey (right)


Mount Blakiston