Bison Peak

July 23, 2016

Mountain height: 2925 m
Elevation gain:    1340 m
Ascent time:        4 hours

Descent time:     2:20
Solo scramble.
Another fantastic Graeme Pole route: relatively short, interesting scenery throughout and phenomenal summit views (although the low cloud ceiling sorta’ ruined that for me!).
Vern and Wietse’s trip inspired me to give this one a go and except for the lackluster weather the trip did not disappoint at all. Although the scrambling stayed pretty much at a “moderate” level, a few route-finding challenges and a steep and very loose gully before the final slog to the summit, gave this scramble a “difficult” feel.  An outstanding trip.

A rainbow appears over Bow Lake

Bison Peak, as seen from the road

Enjoyable travel up the creek

The route is blocked several times by vertical cliffbands, but there is always a weakness through them

More steep terrain. Thankfully the actual route is at a far more subdued angle

The Mistaya River meanders through the valley below

The steep, loose gully goes between the rock features above

Lakes galore! Big or small sections of Chephren, Cirque, Waterfowl, Mistaya, Peyto and Bow lakes are all visible

Totem Tower (left), Spreading Peak (right)

A partial summit view. Too bad about the cloud cover. See Vern's report for a better representation

The complex array of Mount Murchison's multiple towers