Bluerock Mountain attempt – May 17, 2009

Hiking with Raff.

Even without the route-finding errors at the beginning of this trip, it’s highly unlikely Raff and I would have made it to the summit of Bluerock Mountain. It’s a very long trip that requires snow-free conditions for the multi-kilometre approach. We started at the Bluerock Creek Trailhead, which turned out to be the short interpretative trail only, and not the actual Bluerock Creek Trail that lies on the other side of the creek. Nevertheless, we were forced to gain elevation to avoid deep snow near the creek and so even had we started on the correct trail, the results would have been the same.

Two hours into the trip we had gained a pleasant ridge high above Bluerock Creek, but had made little horizontal progress towards the base of the mountain. We continued on to a scenic highpoint and then decided to call it a day. Neither of us felt like an 18 hour day with major post-holing for most of it.  

Approaching the highpoint of the day

A squirell

Mount Burns

Bluerock Mountain

The first GR of the long ridge of Mount Burns

Raff hikes out

Shunga-la-she and Mount Jagermeister (right)