Bogart Tower Ė July 12, 2006

Mountain height:  2355 m
Elevation gain:     880 m
Roundtrip time:    6:40

Solo scramble.

Bogart Tower is a tower of rock northeast of the summit of Mount Bogart Ė hence the name! It was not my objective for the day, but somehow I just ended up there. I wanted to attempt Wind Mountain (the fourth peak of Mount Lougheed) from North Ribbon Creek. Approaching the Memorial Lakes, however, I found that I was uncharacteristically lacking in energy and motivation and abandoned the attempt. Perhaps it was the dark clouds streaming in from the west, or the lengthy bushwhack that I would need to do to get to Wind Mountain, or perhaps Iím just getting lazy in my old age. I downgraded the trip to the Memorial Lakes.

The first lake was nothing special, but the second was a beautiful colour combination of emerald green and aquamarine. The third, while not the stunning colours of the second was unique with its mini tree island (sort of Ė it was actually connected to the mainland!) and strategic location beneath Bogart Tower.

I had looked down on the Tower from the summit on Mount Bogart five days earlier and certainly didnít think its summit to be attainable from any angle. Arriving at the lakes, however, it became apparent that the west ridge or south slopes might provide access to the summit. After circling around the upper lake, to see the Memorial plaque, I started up the south slopes. I then traversed around to the west ridge and ascended easily to the summit from there, although the rock was very loose and unstable. The summit view was a little disappointing, as you couldnít see the lakes below. I stayed only for a few minutes and then descended the way I came and then around to the col. Curious to see if the ascent was possible via the west ridge from the col, I started up that route also. It was, but I didnít go all the way to the summit.

The descent was long and not terribly exciting. I was very relieved that I biked the 3.4 km along the Ribbon Creek Trail, as the ride back was super fast and easy. Not a terribly memorable day, but better than staying at home.

The waterfalls before the Lakes


Bogart Tower (right) and the summit of Mount Bogart (left of centre)


The second Lake


Bogart Tower


The third Lake


Ribbon Peak and the third Lake


Flowers and Ribbon Peak


The second Lake again


....and again