January 4, 2012

Mountain height:     1800 m
Elevation gain:        450m
Ascent time:           1:45

Descent time:         1:15
Solo hike/snowshoe.
After a miserable night of sleep due to the flu, I set my sights on an ascent of the Mount Living Room Couch, where I would spend the entire day recovering. However, I started to feel better by early afternoon, the sky was still clear and the reported nasty winds had yet to materialize. As such, I upgraded the Mount Living Room ascent to one of Carbondale Hill, near the Castle Mountain Ski Resort.
The ascent was very easy, surprisingly scenic (perhaps because the scenery from Mount Living Room Couch would have been undoubtedly dull), and the summit view quite impressive for a “Hill”. I took the south ridge going up and used the Fire Lookout access road for descent. 
A very pleasant day.

The south ridge of Carbondale Hill

The scenery opens up if you leave the fire road

The colourful remnants of a tree

Same as above

A more complete tree

Same as above

Same as above

Evidence of strong winds

The snowy upper ridge

Part of the Flathead Range; Mount Darrah in the centre


Clouds above the three summits of Syncline Mountain

The corniced ridge

Same as above

Almost at the top

A lone tree always seems to receive lots of attention

Same as above

Almost at the summit

The fire lookout

Same as above

Looking back along the summit ridge

At the lookout

The view of the Flathead Range to the west

Mount Darrah at the left

Another view to west

The far south end of the Caldron Peak

The three summits of Mount Coulthard

The pleasant environs to the north

Heading down the fire road

Looking back to the lookout

Another lone tree

More of the fire road

An arch of clouds at the end of the day