Carthew Summit attempt – April 9, 2010         

Snowshoeing with Mark.

We took the chance that Environment Canada’s prediction of sunny skies would be correct, even though the day started with very gloomy skies. The gamble didn’t pay off. At the Alderson/Carthew col we encountered some the coldest temperatures we’ve ever experienced. A vicious, gale-force wind caused the temperature to plummet well into the minus 30’s. I’ve never got so cold, so fast. We found a little shelter on the east side of the col, but continuing the trip to either Carthew Summit or Mount Carthew was out of the question. We made a hasty retreat to a lower elevation and then plodded back to the car. A very disappointing day – so much our perfect record in winter/spring Waterton!

Mark on the lower slopes; Carthew Summit at the far right

Gaining elevation

Not the sunny skies as predicted

Almost to the col

Taking shelter on the east side of the col; I was too cold to stick my head out from behind it, 
so I just photographed the pleasant red rock underfoot!