Cascade Mountain II – July 6, 2007    

Mountain height:  2998 m
Elevation gain:     1325 m
Ascent time:        4:35
Descent time:      3:05

Scrambling with Jodi.

Mark and I failed to reach the summit of this popular peak 3 years ago. Winter conditions rendered the terrain too dangerous and we backed down 200 vertical metres from the summit. Of course, those winter conditions also made for some outstanding scenery that one is not afforded in the summer. With more favourable travel conditions (but less favourable scenery conditions), I returned to the mountain with Jodi. Three days earlier Jodi and I enjoyed (?) a somewhat hair-raising attempt on Highwood Peak and we were hoping Cascade would provide a more sedate experience.

The hike to the Cascade Amphitheatre was about all the “sedate” I could handle for the day – 6.6 km of hiking up endless switchbacks while being molested by mosquitoes. Thankfully, the pests disappeared as we gained elevation. The trip dramatically improved upon gaining the ridge and the scenery was very pleasant – not the letdown I was half expecting. The only challenge of the day was getting around the false summit. Remaining snow did render it a tad exposed and since we had a rope with us, we decided to set up a belay. The traverse looked worse than it really was and quickly we were on the final rubble slog to the summit.

The view from the top was excellent, especially towards vast Lake Minnewanka. On descent we ran into 9 other people making their way towards the summit. An enjoyable and scenic day out.         

Jodi gains the ridge; the summit is to the left


Mount Louis in the centre


The upper part of the route 


A similar vantage point from our first attempt in April of 2004


A well worn trail takes you all the way there 


Getting around the false summit


Remaining snow


The view to the summit from halfway around the false summit


Jodi comes around the trickiest part of the trip


Preparing for the final slog


Looking back at the false summit


Jodi takes the last few steps to the summit


Lake Minnewanka


Back at the traverse around the left side of the false summit


The easy hike back