Mount Ogden Ė July 31, 2007

Mountain height:           2703 m
Elevation gain:              1200 m
Ascent time:                  2:40
Descent time:                2:20

Solo scramble.

I wasnít expecting too much from this trip, having ascended nearby Paget Peak, Mount Field, and Mount Bosworth. Fortunately, the trip turned out to be a very enjoyable one for several reasons:

1. Itís short Ė you have to bushwhack for the first hour, but it easy bush and you gain about 600 vertical metres of elevation in that time;
2. The beautiful larch-filled plateau once youíve completed the 600 vertical  metres;
3. A terrific view of the milky-green waters of Sherbrooke Lake;
4. Even better views of Mount Stephen, Cathedral Mountain, and Mount Victoria;
5. An enjoyable ridgewalk with an amazing variety of colourful rock;
6. A splendid view from the summit, especially towards Mount Nilesand Balfour

However, this is not a trip to be taken lightly. Although 99% of the scrambling is easy to moderate, the 1% that is not is deadly exposed. You have to traverse across a narrow ledge with a severe drop-off on one side. I had a death-grip on all handholds throughout the traverse. Thankfully, itís short. An amazing summit panorama rewards those who brave the traverse (or are stupid enough!).

Sherbrooke Lake


Some of the interesting varieties of rock 


The south ridge of Ogden


More striking colours, with The Presidents to the left


Mount Balfour (left) and Mount Niles 


The upper section of the ridge; Mount Daly at the right


Mount Stephen; The Goodsirs at the distant left


Mount Balfour


Cathedral Mountain (left) and Cathedral Crags


Victoria, Huber, and Hungabee


A closer look at Victoria North


More colours


More cool rock and Wapta Lake